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Cosmopolitana: Management, Booking, Marketing

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Point of contact for all inquiries
Representation of artist’s interests
Tour and marketing planning
Career guidance and development


Expansive database of contacts
Negotiation of fair artist fees
Handling of all contracts
On-site support


On- and offline marketing
Bespoke event concepts
Public relations
Artist brand development


CD Production
Video production
Artistic Direction
Musical score edition


Stephanie Juergens

Managing Director 

„Our musicians have the freedom to create their art without the distraction of day-to-day business dealings. The manager is the point of contact for event organisers, publicists, promoters, lawyers etc. The artist fully owns the creative process and remains in charge of the overall vision of a project, but it’s the management’s job to take that vision, map out a viable plan and execute it to elevate the artist’s career and maximise revenue.“


Cosmopolitana artists have been handpicked because they fulfill several, if not all of the following criteria:


  • Perform a repertoire that sets them apart from other artists
  • Are able to blend genres and styles in a unique manner
  • Have studied at prestigious conservatories
  • Are extraordinary composers creating groundbreaking music
  • Know how to attract and captivate an appreciative audience
  • Create memorable concert moments in soldout halls
  • Have already attracted a significant number of followers
  • Are excellent recording artists
  • Get regularly invited to share their expertise in masterclasses

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